My City of Bristol

When I was at university in Bath, Bristol seemed like a big dirty industrial city full of mean people. (although, everywhere is like this if you compare it to Bath!) But then I fell in love with a chap who lived here and eventually I had to move up to what I consider the Northernmost part of the Westcountry!

And as it turns out it’s not quite as I remembered it in my University days. It’s a strange and beautiful city with as many sides to it as there are personalities of people. It makes for an interesting life that’s for sure, especially if you’re a photographer.

Where else could you be surrounded by the georgian splendour of Clifton one minute, and then be photographing a Banksy in the People's Republic of Stokes Croft the next? (Just for the record I have no allegiance with the PRSC, or their questionable use of time.)

Plus the accents here are amazing, my love.