About Sara

First things first, I am a Westcountry girl through and through! I grew up in Cornwall, went to university in Bath, renovated a house in Plymouth and eventually settled down in Bristol.

Secondly, I’m totally self taught. My adventure with photography started when I was about 10 and I took a picture of a spice jar with my mum’s fancy camera. At University I was always the team photographer on nights out, and nights in. This was when Film was still around and it took a week to see your shots (or 3 days if you were rich).

Then when I left uni and went travelling round the world my dearly departed dad bought me a digital camera! It was 3MP and I worked that camera into the ground. By the time I got home the icons on the dial were completely worn away and I had taken thousands of photos.

These days I work off a Canon 40D, and there’s nothing I love more than getting that perfect shot of the beach as the sun goes down, or my niece’s face when she’s just discovered something new. Photography for me is all about capturing moments, that when you look back at them remind you of something precious you might otherwise forget.

Also, my real name is Sara Cobbledick, Sara Cobbs is a nickname that I got at school and has never quite left me! This year I’ll be getting married, to a Pratt. I’m obviously happy about this, but it does put paid to my childhood dreams of marrying a Smith or a Jones, or something equally inconspicuous!